The 4th technological revolution is here!

All means are constantly evolving, opportunities are innumerable and ON the SPOT is here to highlight all communication through the “specter” of the latest high-end technology!

Virtual reality, 360 sound, interactive events with remote participants is the new reality!
Welcome in the new evolved ON The SPOT world!


We used to say one picture is a thousand words but now with social media, AR, VR and 3D dominating all communication, even this saying has become obsolete!
A strong video message is definitely a way to become more popular.
Using AR technology which combines reality with a virtual environment, such as the instagram filters that transform you in real time or the VR experience that transcends you in time and space. Whether it be filming, 2D or 3D animation we utilize the power of video productions in every project!


Any video or image without the appropriate voice over that will enhance it, the sound design, the sound effects or 3D sound is incomplete. Sound stimulates imagination, elevates any video and better points out all details. Imagine a virtual tour in a museum through VR, listening to the guide’s voice talking about the exhibits while the infamous Pericles talks in the ancient market behind you.

Radio, radio imaging, television but also cinema productions become a whole new experience with a 360 ON The SPOT production.

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radio imaging

The new On The Spot service that is here to make your radio louder!

Each radio station is a living, breathing being! It evolves, it follows trends, it has its own personality! The identity of every radio station is the imaging which includes jingles, sweepers, stings, trailers, power intros and many more audio elements.

All current trends, experienced voiceover artists but also musicians shape a complete image for your radio station and re launch you in the new evolved, enhanced era, which is broadcasted online and is also in every smart phone through application.

Make your radio station… stand out!

360 productions

By incorporating all means and addressing all senses we create a unique 360 promotional production. We utilize all modern means for conferences, events, presentations and take the quality of the result to the next level. We can make virtual presence possible; we interact and enhance the space of the event with elements that not only substitute the actual presence of a participant but also enrich it. The new 360 era is here, and it’s introducing itself to everyone…

Tomorrow begins today and we are here to welcome it, together!